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Since our children are newborns, we care a lot about their health in general and it is important to have different products on hand and always at home to help them alleviate the typical discomforts of each stage of child development: teething, mucus, etc. Because at Sanus.Online the priority is your health and that of your family, we bring you the best selection of baby Health products, carefully selected to help them in this unforgettable stage of life.

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Pediakid First Teeth Teething Gel

Tubo de 15 ml

Relieves pain, inflammation and irritation. Its formula contains natural ingredients such as: Roman chamomile: it is used for its calming effects...


Pediakid Drinks Gas

Caja de 12 sobres

In very young children, digestive discomfort is very common, the immature digestive system and the large amount of liquid they drink during the...


Pediakid Nose Throat

Envase de 250 ml

Combines natural ingredients to calm and clear the respiratory tract, at the first symptoms, soothes the throat and improves to breathe...

Pediakid Inmuno-Fort
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Pediakid Immuno-Fort

Botella de 250 ml

Combines natural ingredients to support the body's resistance. Ideal for seasonal changes, the most favorable periods for colds, it is rich in...

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Pediakid Calcium Growth

Caja de 14 sticks

Its formula is suitable for children with lactose intolerance or milk allergies. For an easy taking, it comes in the form of sticks of deliciously...


Modulax Junior Syrup

Frasco de 100 ml

The special tasty and delicate formula makes it suitable for children from the age of three. Useful to facilitate intestinal transit (tamarind), to...


Chewable Multisaurus

Envase de 60 pastillas

It is specifically indicated to meet the specific needs of children

Vitamina C-Rex Sabor Naranja
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Vitamin C-Rex Orange Flavor

Envase con 100 pastillas

They are recommended to provide healthy benefits for the growth and development of children

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Baby Me Now Prenatal

Envase de 150 tabletas

Helps prevent fetal malformations. Indicated to ensure the correct maturation of the baby and the correct state of health of the mother during...


Fintuss Children's Syrup Strawberry Flavor

Envase de 125 Ml.

Moisturizes the mucosa and acts against a productive cough. It is ideal for alleviating the symptoms of typical winter illnesses


Ferzym Junior

Recommended for balancing the intestinal flora.

Mon Deconatur

Aceite Corporal Calendula (Reg. Y Suav.)

Envase de 500 ml.

Highly hydrating body oil made with Almond and Calendula oil.