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Hygiene is one of the most important aspects for the health of babies. It is essential to have special products for general hygiene, both for the baby and the environment around him. Because at Sanus.Online the priority is your health and that of your family, we bring you the best selection of accessories and baby hygiene brands, carefully selected for help them in this unforgettable stage of life.

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Wet wipes

Envase de 72 Udes.

They leave the skin hydrated, physiological pH. They are also hypoallergenic and biodegradable, vegetable fibers, soft, delicate and flexible.


Eco Wet Wipes

Envase de 80 unidades.

Wipes with fabric made from certified organic cellulose, suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive. It is soft and resistant, allowing...


Ecological Diaper Size 4 (7-18 Kg)

Caja de 80 Udes.

Hypoallergenic and non-irritating diapers.


Crema Para El Cambio De Pañal

Envase de 75 gr.

Ecological Diaper Size 1 Newborn (2-5 Kg)

Envase de 27 Udes.

Diapers are designed to provide freedom of movement and fit. They allow the baby's skin to breathe. Hypoallergenic and non-irritating diapers.


Crema Hidratante Cara y Cuerpo

Envase de 150 ml.
Dr. Organic

Aloe Vera Moist Wipes (2 in 1)

Envase de 20 und.

Promotes a gentle cleansing of the skin. Due to its soothing properties, it allows a sensitive and dry skin care, promoting cell renewal.


Ecological Diaper Size 2 (3-6 Kg)

Envase de 42 Udes.

They incorporate a humidity indicator that, by means of a colored line that changes color, indicates the right moment for the diaper change.


Gel De Baño (Pelo y Cuerpo)

Envase de 250 ml.

Ecological Diaper Size 3 (4-9 Kg)

Envase de 44 Udes.

The greater absorption of these diapers will allow fewer changes to be made, saving in units and also in money and environmental impact.


Agua De Limpieza

Envase de 250 ml.

Ecological Diaper Size 5 (11-25 Kg)

Envase de 36 Udes

When the use of the diaper lengthens, or when your baby goes out of the average in percentiles. It has a higher area in the back to contain stool,...