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Hydrolyzed Collagen Forte

Envase de 30 cápsulas vegetales.

It is recommended to: Help with joint flexibility. Strengthen joints. Reduce joint pain. Treatment of osteoarthritis, arthritis and arthrosis...


Hydrolyzed collagen

Envase de 300 g.

Food supplement based on hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, magnesium and vitamin C, which contributes to the normal formation of collagen, for...


Fitopremium Devil's Claw

Envase de 30 cápsulas.

Capsules with Harpagofito phytocomplex, equivalent to 2,175 mg of plant and 26.1 mg of harpagosides per capsule. Devil's claw (Harpagophytum...

Judías Mungo Soja Verde Bio
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El Granero Integral

Organic Green Soy Mung Beans

Envase de 500 g.

Legumes enriched in vitamins and minerals, as well as proteins. They provide energy and micronutrients. They are considered an ideal food in the...

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El Granero Integral

Green Clay

Envase de 1 kg.

Clay has traditionally been used as an antiseptic, healing and skin soothing agent. It is useful for abscesses, burns and joint and muscle pain.


Horsetail Infusion Eco

Envase de 20 uds

Indicated for the elimination of liquids and diuretic. Prevents fatigue and exhaustion, by providing minerals to the body. Used for joint diseases,...

Herbes del Moli

Devil's Claw Root Eco

Envase de 100 gr

Indicated for the treatment of the symptoms of low back pain, tendonitis and sciatica. It also has purifying effects

Jenjibre Raiz Eco
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Herbes del Moli

Ginger Root Eco

Envase de 70 gr

Indicated as a natural anti-inflammatory. Helps in processes of osteoarthritis and rheumatic pain.

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Colagenova Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic and Magnesium...

Envase de 295 g.

Food supplement made with pure hydrolyzed collagen from fish. With hyaluronic acid of vegetable origin and Magnesium gluconate without colorants or...


Collagenova Hyaluronic +

Caja de 30 cápsulas.

This supplement is made from a highly bioavailable, purified collagen hydrolyzate. It helps to renew and improve the joints both in athletes and in...


Colagenova Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic and Magnesium (Peach)

Envase de 295 g

Nutritional supplement that contains pure hydrolyzed collagen from fish with hyaluronic acid of vegetable origin and Magnesium gluconate without...


Colagenova Movility Hyaluronic Collagen (Vanilla)

Envase de 390 g.

Its high concentration of hyaluronic acid (100 mg per daily dose) contributes to the hydration of the skin and the lubrication of the joints.